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After fixed the teleport bug its possible use it?
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As you said it yourself in your question, it's a bug and, as all bugs, exploiting it is a violation of tibia rules.
Rule 3a        https://www.tibia.com/support/?subtopic=tibiarules&rule=3a

You can buy the teleport scrolls on the Tibia Store for 55 Tibia Coins.

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You have two way at the moment to use teleport.

Number 1: Duelling Arena

What you need:

One friend

How do it:

Just talk with your friend and both go to a Dueling Arena and he need kill you. With the system of Arena you will not lose anything and will be teleport to the temple of your city home.

Number 2:

What do you need:

Scythe or Machete (Tools work too)

How do it:

Go and find Field of Wheats (Like, Thais rent horse shop), use you Scythe cut and advance in the wheat, until it is surrounded. Wait for the wheat grow up and logout/enter in the game. You will be teleport to the temple of your city home.

Same strategy works with Machete and Jungle Grass and Venorean Spice near to Venore.

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The thing is that in this fansite we should post questions and answers that fits to the rules of Tibia. I know that many people were using it on Tibia but I think we should not post this kind of things in tibiaqa.
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Thats a point, gonna w8 what a moderator can say about it.
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I guess that we need to read carefully on what Tibia rules qualify as "Game Weakness", since what you described is not really a bug (which would result in a banishment, for example).

However, I think that it is unethical and unfair to exploit it, even if it has no punishment attached to it.

Frankly, I was baffled on how quickly and easily Cipsoft solved the teleport exploitation earlier this month. They should have done this literally one decade earlier...