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I see  a lot of people using sio on them self. Is this better then just using exura, or vita/gran?

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It depends on what you meaning about "best" , for example in situations of teamhunt if ED needs to heal himself he should use exura gran mas res, because with this he can also heal RP and EK , if he use instead exura sio he is not healing RP and EK and in some places thats dangerous for the team.

So if there is no risk for EK and RP , best for ED is exura sio, and if he is in teamhunt and in dangerous place he should use instead the exrura gran mas res.
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Exura Sio is very similar to Exura Vita, overall sio has a higher average heal (by tibia stats calculator) and costs less mana but, Exura Sio It is less constant, that is, it can heal you more or it can heal you less.

In the end it depends if you want to risk (Exura Sio) or not (Exura Vita).