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I wanna know how work the access to defeat the Mini-BossAnomaly.

When we enter to the teleport I know we need to kill the Charges and  Overcharges, but how this exactly works by time or there is a minimum of monsters we have to kill to get the access to the Anomaly teleport?

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When you enter to the room you will be shared on 2 teams. You can make your teams before you enter, like this:

  • First team - 1st,3rd,5th person which enter vortex 
  • Second team = 2nd,4th person which enter virtex

After killing about a 12 Chargers, one from 2  teams, will be sent to a different room with Overcharges in it. These players will only be allowed to stay in this room for 10 seconds, and during this period they should do as much damage to the Overcharges as possible. When you kill one, you should see this message: A shift in polarity switches creatures with corresponding polarity into another phase of existence. when your team is back you have to kill against 12x to teleport second team. In total you have to kill 6x to get a message: You have reached a charge potential to proceed to challenge the minion of destruction.

TibiaFandom - link

Tibiopedia - link 

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I'm pretty sure the teams for minigame are set by the order people enter the vortex of the small island, and not by their position on the lever...

1st team = 1st,3rd,5th person to enter vortex
2nd team = 2nd,4th person to enter virtex
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Yes, you are right!
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Thanks for your answer but check the first picture, I think isn't work like that, cuz when you click the lever we all go inside to a mini room with a Purple Teleport, so I think @Fire_Draggon is right.
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You think so? I have to check it today! If you are right I will update my answer.