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Whats are the raid that can appear in Ab'Dendriel?

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Raids in Ab'dendriel

Wasp and Bear Raid near Ab'Dendriel

First a wave of ~30 Wasps and then a wave of ~30 Bears spawn west outside Ab'Dendriel.

00:00: Forest animals spread out close to Ab'Dendriel!

War Wolf Raid on Ab'Dendriel

A total of ~70 Wolves and ~35 War Wolves spawn during this raid.

00:00: Many aggressive beasts are roaming south of Ab'Dendriel! Take care!

00:01: (Unannounced Raid)

00:02: (Unannounced Raid)

00:03: (Unannounced Raid)

Badger Raid in Ab'dendriel


00:00: (unannounced raid)

Dragon raid on Draconia

Spawns 4 groups consisting of 2 dragons and 3 hatchlings each, in various places on ground level. Also adds 2 dragon lords to each floor of the tower in the north part.

There are dragons rising in Draconia!

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