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Whats are the raid that can appear in Darashia?

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Raids in Darashia

Raids in or around Darashia

Wasps in Darashia


00:00: (unannounced raid)

Lions west of Darashia

Lions and Zomba

00:00: There are more lions than usual west of Darashia.

00:04: Even more lions west of Darashia!

00:05: Zomba, the king of lions is roaming the Darashia desert!


00:00 Hungry lions scout the western Darashian desert. Travellers beware!

00:04 Packs of hungry lions stalk Darashia's western desert. Be on your guard!

00.05 Hear the roar of Zomba, king of the lions, roaming the Darashia desert!

Pirates in Darashia

Pirate Marauders, Pirate Cutthroats and Pirate Buccaneers

00:00: Pillage and plunder! Pirates have been sighted north of Darashia!

Undead Raid West of Darashia

Skeletons, Ghouls, Crypt Shamblers, Stalkers, Demon Skeletons, Mummys, Bonelords, Vampires,  Bonebeasts, Necromancers and Lichs

00:00: Sightings of undead, west of Darashia! Imminent invasion is suspected!

00:00: The undead are attacking Darashia!

Undead Horde West of Darashia

Skeletons, Ghouls, Crypt Shamblers, Demon Skeletons, Mummys, Bonelords, Vampires,  Bonebeasts, Necromancers and Lichs

00:00: Hordes of undead invade from the west of Darashia!

Skeletons appear at the epicenter.

00:04: (unannounced raid)

Skeletons and a few Ghouls appear at the epicenter.

00:06: (unannounced raid)

Skeletons, Ghouls, Crypt Shamblers, and a few Vampires spawn at the epicenter.

00:08: The undead are attacking Darashia!

Skeletons, Ghouls, Crypt Shamblers, Vampires, Bonelords, Demon Skeletons, Necromancers, Bonebeasts and Liches spawn.

00:10: (unannounced raid)

Ghouls, Crypt Shamblers, Mummies, Vampires, Bonelords, Demon Skeletons, Necromancers, Bonebeasts and Liches spawn.

Minotaurs at the Dark Pyramid

Minotaurs, Minotaur Archers and Minotaur Guards

00:00: Minotaurs are preparing an attack in the Darashia Minotaur pyramid!

00:02: Minotaurs are attacking Darashia from the north!

00:03: Minotaurs are advancing to Darashia from the north!

00:04: Merciless Minotaurs Attack!


00:00 Minotaurs call to arms in the north of Darashia!

00:02 War cries echo from the Minotaurs' retreat in Darashia's north!

00:04 Wrathful Minotaurs swarm the northern desert of Darashia!

00:05 Merciless Minotaurs sally forth from their Darashian retreat!

Liches in Drefia (This raid occurs in the Vampire Crypts)


00:00: Mortals, beware. Liches are being summoned in Drefia's Deeper Vampire Crypts.

00:05: Woe and behold! A plague of Liches threatens Drefia's Deeper Vampire Crypts.

Priestess in Drefia


00:00: The priestesses in Drefia call their sisters to wake dark powers. Fight their evil purpose!

00:05: The priestesses' dark chant in Drefia is almost completed - decimate their numbers to prevent the evils' awakening!

Necromancers and Liches in Deeper Catacombs (This raid takes place in the Darashia Deeper Catacombs)

Necromancers and Liches

00:00: A necromancer prepares to wake the dead in a crypt below Darashia!

00:05: How terrible! Liches have risen from their graves in the Darashian crypts!

Zombies in Star Room

Ghouls and Zombies

00:00: One of the black rituals in Drefia has succeeded. Dead meat is walking the ritual halls.

00:07: (unannounced raid)

The Pale Count on Drefia

The Pale Count

00:00: The Pale Count has risen from his crypt deep under Drefia. Blood will flow.

00:04: (unannounced raid)

Undead raid on Drefia

00:00: Undead spirits stalk the ruins of Drefia.

The Mutated Pumpkin (This raid has occurred every Halloween)

The Mutated Pumpkin

00:00: Oh noes! It's a mutated pumpkin!

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