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Whats are the raid that can appear in Edron and Cormaya?

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Raids in Edron and Cormaya

Raids in and around Edron

Skunk Raid in Edron


00:00: (unannounced raid)

Skunk Raid in Stonehome


00:00: (unannounced raid)

Goblin Raid near Edron

Goblin Goblins and Goblin Assassins

00:00: Goblins are converging west of Edron.

00:04 (unannounced raid)

00:05 (unannounced raid)

Hunter Raid north of Edron

Hunters and Wild Warriors

00:00: Some hunters are roaming the woods north of Edron!

00:06: Happy hunting, hunters!

Wyvern Raid near Edron


00:00: Shriiiiiek! What evil intentions do the wyverns have northwest of Edron?

00:04: Wyvern attack the northwest of Edron!

Dwarf Soldier Raid in Cormaya

Dwarf Soldiers

00:00: (unannounced raid)

Ghoul Raid in Stonehome


00:00: (unannounced raid)

Orc Berserker Raid in Edron Orc cave

Orc Berserkers

00:00: Deep under Edron, the Orc population seems to grow rapidly. Be careful and take a rope with you!

00:10: Orc berserkers deep under Edron!

Monks and Warlocks Raid near Edron

Monks, Necromancers, Priestess and Warlocks

00:00: Some monks have gathered at a stone circle northwest of Edron. They seem to be up to something.

00:03: More monks have gathered at a stone circle northwest of Edron. Something terrible is going to happen!

00:05: Run! Warlocks northwest of Edron! There seems to be a very unholy gathering! 

Orshabaal Raid near Edron

Demons and Orshabaal

00:00: Orshabaal's minions are working on his return to the World. LEAVE Edron at once, mortals.

00:04: Orshabaal is about to make his way into the mortal realm. Run for your lives!

00:07: Orshabaal has been summoned from hell to plague the lands of mortals again.

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One thing awesome would be to describe the place on the map where the raids are approximately located!
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I done with all posts, gonna start putting the images on minimap. Like "Yalahar Raids"