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Whats are the raid that can appear in Venore and Green Claw Swamp?
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I downvoted because I don't see too much value in those questions. Moreover, the answers are plain copy-paste from the wiki.
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Value on what?
Because same rule can apply when people ask about X question marked with "Primarily opinion based"?.
Like "What is the best music for playing Tibia?" at the end this don't have "value" to the game?
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Value to the community/users of this site. As I said, those are plain copy-paste from the wiki, hence they don't add anything new. If it additionally contained a location marked on a map, loot, or other relevant, useful information, this would be way more helpful and useful. We do not want to take other fansites content. We want to have our own, exclusive content.

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Raids in Venore

Raids around Venore

Elf Raid at Venore

Elfs, Elf Scouts and Elf Arcanists

00:00: Elven scouts from Shadowthorn have been spotted near Venore! Beware!

00:04: Venore is under attack!

Witches Raid at Green Claw Swamp

Approximately 30 Witches

00:00: Dark energy is concentrating in the green claw swamp. Something is about to happen there.

00:05: Unannounced Raid;

00:10: The wicked witches invade the green claw swamp! Get out there! Or help defeating them!

Hunters Raid north of Green Claw Swamp

Bears and Hunters

00:00 Hunters on the hunt north of the Green Claw Swamp.

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A general remark on the posts - a blank line after each line of text makes it very difficult to read.