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Let's say you have a trophy that has your name on it awarded to you basically. The trophy has your name but then you get a name change will the trophy or other items with your name on it change? Or does it stay the same name?

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When you use a Name Change all your old rewards, trophies, or items that you got before, will keep the name of the time when you awarded them, the only 2 things will change are your name on the VIP of others and your house in case you have one.

For example: My old name was Oriibz for the initials of my real name, and I changed it to Oriibsz to make like a Heart s2 hahaha.

Anyway when I use the change name all my old trophies (even the ones I wrote to my friends) and my ring of ending keep the old name:

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As Tynusiiaa said, trophies, goblets and medals won't change the name.

Ring of ending, letters, labels, card, will also not change the name... The only thing that will automatically update the name is the VIP list, as far as I know!
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House too.
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Competition thropies, medals or goblets don't change name - the previous nickname is visible. I don't know about ring of ending, but I think it is the same as thropies. 

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No, the ring of ending doesnt change. I can tell you by my own experience.