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anyone know what shield should i be getting above 180 onwards for RP? i dont think i'll be using imbuements as well

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  • Until level 199 you can use Great Shield  (Def: 38) or the cheaper Mastermind Shield  (Def:37)
  • From 200 to 299, you should use Gnome Shield  (Def: 38, Physical +6%, Energy +8%, Ice -2%, Shielding +2)
  • From 300+, you should use Falcon Escutcheon  (Def: 40, Physical +7%, Fire +15%)
P.S: Using shield as a paladin is bad, you should use diamond arrows instead. But if you really want to use a shield, those are the best options.
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Using arrows with 20 distance level is kinda risky and useless without charms there imo
also its all about hands, eq and druid which might mas res/sio you to survive in box even on 180 level
Edit: dunno why i think we speak about prison XD but its only one spawn where he might use shield :D
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I must agree here with fire_draggon, paladin is just not a blocker, with shield he would literaly be useless on the attack. And my opinion is that a paladin is much more useful as an active attacking member of the party, with diamond arrows and bow, than a blocker for the ms and ed to kill.
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Well in past when I was hunting at Prison -3 where on middle you have to lure from 2 rooms we stay on 2 blockers I did dmg by ava and mas san had 8 monsters on me same as ek.  there is no other hunting place where paladin should use shield