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Houses are a thing that everybody loves in Tibia to show your rares , decoration or just to share or have a home inside this cool game, but which Houses are the biggest on Tibia?

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Top 10 Biggest Houses On Tibia

Old Sanctuary of God King QjellGray Beach5366
Low Waters ObservatoryAnkrahmun4795
Lost CavernKazordoon4717
Lonely Sea Side HostelCarlin2818
Eastern House of TranquilityFarmine2685
Old Heritage EstateRathleton2557
Fortune Wing 1Yalahar2474
Fibula Village, VillaThais2227
Marble Lane 1Liberty Bay1926
Luminous Arc 4Yalahar1905

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always liked Fibula as an island, however it's a bit weird to have a house here as there is quite a long way to Tibian "civilization"
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I had no idea Gray Beach had the biggrest house...
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Not Many ppl know the exsistence oficina that House, is not very useful to show ur deco or rares but is a original House