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Equips I can get with loot or by quests at that lvl

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Item (Quest - Level)

Crusader Helmet (Crusader Helmet Quest - Level 35)

Crown Armor (Black Knight Quest - Level 50)

Blue Legs (Koshei The Deathless Quest - Level 40)

Medusa Shield (Medusa Shield Quest - Level 60)

Boots of Haste (The Queen Of The Banshees Quest - Level 60)

Butterfly Ring (Threatened Dreams Quest - Its really hard do it solo at your level)

Item (Loot from)

Crusader Helmet (Undead Gladiator)

Dragon Scale Mail (Dragon Lord)

Zaoan Legs (Lizard High Guard)

Boots of Haste (Necromancer)

Vampire Shield (Vampire)

Butterfly Ring (Pixie)

Platinum Amulet (Giant Spider)

The creatures are the most easy to kill at your level.

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thx very detailed answer :D
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Good answer bro, keep your effort :)
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thank you it was indeed a great answer
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