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Recently some fansites started offering golden emblem runes as a prize in their contests. Of these runes, which are rarest in the game?

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Well, bit hard to be totally right about it, because there no way to know all GRE over the Tibia, so here is a list with top 5 that I know exist but just saw few of them:

  • Light Magic Missile Golden Rune Emblem (Light Magic Missile)
  • Destroy Field Golden Rune Emblem (Destroy Field)
  • Fire Bomb Golden Rune Emblem (Fire Bomb)
  • Fire Field Golden Rune Emblem (Fire Field)
  • Animated Dead Golden Rune Emblem (Animate Dead)
Also you can check this topic for more info aobut GRE price.
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i may be wrong but one of the rarest wasnt the paralize rune? i heard was the one more expensive in antica even if was long time ago
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I would say Paralyze GRE is more expensive for searching than for rarity. For example maybe we could include Poison Bomb is also very rare to see some of them.
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"The rarest" is not the same as "the most expensive". Golden rune emblem (paralyze) is simply good looking and quite valuable. It's even hard to say if it's really the most expensive, I guess it's not - it usually cost about 30kk, I've seen offers for other rune emblems for much more cc.

In my opinion it is impossible to answer correctly on this question, since there is so many opportunities to win these emblems in different kind of fansites' events, that amount of GRE visibly increases in game year by year.
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Just to be clear my list isn't based at their price. Also Im not considering runes that we have no clue that exist.