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If I understood correctly, Cipsoft would get a 12% commission from the character sale transactions. Which makes me wonder, what if the auction doesn't go through, can I still be charged a commission, without having sold the char?
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i missunderstood the question thats why i convert my answer into a comment and hide it Xarkost is right

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No, the commission is only charged on the actual selling price of the character. If you do choose to auction a character and it does appear in the char bazaar (you wait until server save after your auction has been created) you will still loose the 50 Tibia Coin auction fee. 

"50 Tibia Coins are paid as an auction fee by the seller to set up an auction. CipSoft receives a commission of 12% of the actual selling price. The minimum starting bid is thus 58 Tibia Coins to ensure a minimum commission payout: 50 TC auction fee + 8 TC selling price (the seller receives 7 TC, CipSoft receives 1 TC). The 50 TC are reserved once the auction has been set up and can no longer be accessed by the player. If the player cancels the auction before it appears in the Char Bazaar (i.e. before the next server save), the 50 TC are made available again. If the auction is cancelled after it appeared in the Char Bazaar (i.e. after the next server save) and before anyone bid on the character, the reserved coins will be subtracted from the account's coin balance."

Soruce: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=latestnews&id=5692#ov1