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Hello, is there any respawn with decent exp and loot at this level? I'd like to play solo a bit.

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get a prey card for grim reapers so that it drops 40% additional loot. Then make sure to get xo boost so your getting 225% experience. Then go to defia and kill some grim reapers. You’ll get 12k xp. Get a gnome sword because they are weak to energy and have your skull frost summoned. I was pulling in nearly three million xp/hour. The loot isn’t the best but it’s good. You should always have your weapons and equipment imbued too. Make sure your weapon and armor both have powerful vampirism that way every time you deal damage you’ll gain 50% of the damage dealt as health. So if you hit for 600 you’ll gain 300 health. It really helps with not needing as much health pots. I can hellspawns and plaguesmiths in Yalahar without taking any health pots at all. Also put powerful strike on your sword so you crit. And put powerful slash on your helmet and weapon so that you will gain an additional 8 levels to your sword fighting or axe or whatever it is you use. Hope this helps.
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