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Of course we have a bunch of Tibian fansites, but I have been mostly asking myself if people really diverse themselves between them. So I ask you this:

What fansites do you visit most and why? Be it for information or just for content.
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I edited my post and added the links to each website as well. It is always good indicate to players the correct address of reliable and safe fan made websites :)

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I can say that both Wikis (the "Brazillian" and the "English" Wiki, as the players popularly call them) are fansites that I often visit, specially when I am playing Tibia. Both wikis are very detailed and reliable for several questions that you may have for Tibia. Apart from these, I'm always coming here to see what's going on... There have been plenty of questions arising and often we can see some people ready to interact here. I'm always trying to figure out something interesting that I want to know in order to ask or on how can I help someone here with questions. TibiaQA seems to have a great future ahead! I wish that we had this kind of website before! I'm also always going (basically doing daily visits) to Tibia Royal as well. They got several different kinds of information related to the game (guides, curiosities, loots, creatures and even an awesome hunting grounds feature that I've never seen before on any other popular fansite for active players, as the Wikis), along with several different languages available on the website to the global Tibia community so you will certainly find a language to be comfortable there! All of it along with an amazing contribution system, where you can help the website by generating content, editing or simply translating it and even be rewarded with a special item if you achieve a determined quantity of points!

Apart from official and supported fansites, I like browse the Reddit's Tibia Community to speak with the players there.

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TibiaQA, TibiaWiki and TibiaBosses

(I visit reddit/tibia a lot too but its not a fansite :/)
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At this time, this TibiaQA.com and in second places the wikis, more the portuguese than english.
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I Used to visit tibia Hispano a lot when they were up and running, like a lot the site and his design and used to follow "life threads", that were just a bunch of people taking pictures of their everyday tibian life and chilling together, now I just visit the wiki a lot, and TibiaQA at least once a day to see if I can help with some unanswered question x)
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Lately mainly TibiaQA.

When I want to gain some information about quests/items I check on TibiaWiki.

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I look for monsters, loots, bosses, tasks and items in tibiawiki br and tibia fandom, when i cant find or know nothing about it, i look on tibiqa.
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