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At the moment the mounts just give you a plus of speed in the movement (And the Blazebriger give light) what are the new stats can be given by using mounts?.

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Diferent speed in each floor type or like ability to walk in lava with the magma crawler, more speed in snow with the sleigh or it could be like some boots and increase damage of ice/fire/poison/energy/death depending of the mount type...

It has lots and lots of possibilities to add to mounts
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I think the most RPG option can be do a protection againts elemetals on the floor by example if you are ridding a fire type mount it can works like the Firewalker Boots and protect you againts the fire damage.

Anothers can be a water type to walk more faster under the water.

Or wind type to give more than regular speed boost.

Another can be used to carry more weight, like in real life.
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I think every mount should it owns personal stats.

For me do not make any sense a that a Panda give same speed as a panther. But tyhe mouns idea is just to be a cosmetic, not to have real influence in the game, think they do have to change it
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The speed bonus is a influence.