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As in the title, any decent spawns for a duo? Would prefer exp over profit but a bit of both wouldn't hurt.

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Asura's palace  is perfect place for you , nice exp and loot. Lower Roshamuul will be also good but harder.

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I could also recommend the walls on Razachai / Lizard City. Its perfect for EK-ED duo, plus good profit.
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1 Asura's Palace- You can check it here

2. Draken Walls - Please check here

3. Roshamuul- Prison -2 - Check in here

4. Roshamuul West- Please check in here

5. Lower Roshamuul- Please refer to this

6. Asura's Palace- You can check it here

7. Diremaw's - Please see here 

9. Yalahar- Magician Hellspawn & Plaguesmith

8. War Golem Catacombs Oramond- (check the Voting first) - here

9. Glooth Bandits - Glooth Factory

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I just added one option (9th), since there was no point to create separate answer :)
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Thank you! Appreciated:)