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Do you think is good or bad idea implement servers with 7.6 - 8.6 version?

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Many people want a servers with old versions, a lot of it is due to the nostalgia of  the past memories. In these old times many factors contribuited to the experience of playing were inseuisitions. factors such as:

it was difficult to up level and find itens, the rpg of the game was not spoiled (community mentality), the tibia coins and store products were not necessary to maintain the company's economy, so the players without real money can be a notorious player.

If the Cip create a server 7.6 , 8,6 today like the old times, i think a lot of people come back to play, and in firsts months because the nostalgia would be a succesful, but in the long run it would see which is not same thing. Today all know how to proced and rush levels, know all areas and quests of the this versions, would be very easy to play.

So the best option would be a servers with the mentality with this versions, difficulty, rpg, the ancient areas with mysteries, rune economy, hard monsters that all players know their names, and no need real money to win in the game.
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I had the opportunity to play in this period and i have to say, it was bad. Every player os usually nostalgic, but i think that this version should remain only in out thoughts.

Today Tibia is much more complete and with functions that allowed it to arrive Until 2019 and possibly beyond.

Not to mention that this version allows a overhelming number of dishonest players.
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I'd say no. Think the game must be always evolving, I can't understand why ppl are so obsessed about  Tibia 7....