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This question has been marked as opinion based, which means that it is mainly looking for player opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise.

All we have been playing for years know what a high level is. Now my query is what type of Hlvl do you prefer?

Characteristics that I remember, compared to what I see today.

Old Hlvl.

  1. A guy who is respected a lot for his achievement of rpg and discoveries.
  2. Power abuser.
  3. A guy who should pay you a monthly  for protection.
  4. Constant abuse of their frags (before being banned by PK)
  5. People with an honor system and well-defined ranks within their guilds.
  6. Good leaders in war
  7. Very good pvp

New Hlvl.

  1. A type more focused on experience.
  2. They dont are interested in other people, unless you enter their lvl up area.
  3. Focused on money and conquest of worlds.
  4. He seeks notoriety based on his level more than his discoveries.
  5. Very little RPG the race for the level in these times is more important.
  6. Tc raffles for all your audience.
  7. A debatable but not necessarily bad pvp

If you have more comparisons between old and new feel free to add them and decide what kind of Hlvl is your favorite and why.

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I have a problem understanding what you are trying to ask, and all those blank lines are making the question very difficult to read. Can you fix this post?
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Sure, was modified to better understand the context

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I'll start, personally I think I'm more enthralled by old Hlvl, he was a guy you were afraid of and he unexpectedly came to collect your monthly payment or kill you. The wars were wonderful and the coordination as players was incredibly good. everything was an achievement, seeing those three-digit hlvl hitting hits over 100 was impressive. Currently, nothing really surprises me, all high level players have a similar trend.

On my server I was bapupa (very well known in his time)

Resultado de imagen para bapupa

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