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Among all of the creature products useful for imbuements, what items can we highlight as being extremely valuable and demanded by players?

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During times of war Gloom wolf fur rises a lot in popularity due to demand of death res imbue

In normal times piece of dead brain usually has the highest price per piece due to very limited availability as it only drops from braindeaths which only has very limited spawn as well and high demand as almost every knight uses life leech these days.
Demand is extremely high on any item used for Life leech, mana leech and critical strike. Most respectively those which are not hunted daily by a lot of people. as mentioned below/above > Sabreteeth, rope belts and protective charms but also vampire teeth and the above mentioned piece of dead brain.
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It depends from each server but rope belts, protective charms and sabretooth are always the most wanted items for imbue
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Piece of dead brain in general is the most expensive, but sabretooth is the best option cuz u have better respaw.