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When there is new major updates on Tibia I use to spend a lot of hours to discover all new things, quest , monsters. But in a normal day I use to play Tibia like 2hours max because I work almost every day.

But im curious to see how many hours you guys use to spend per day on Tibia, so How many hours do you spend per day?

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Toooo many cheeky 

Actualy doing something in game over 2. But chilling with the members of the team and losing time way more, probably over 4+sad

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I spend 4-5hrs per day on tibia xD, hunting everytime
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do you work? or are you a student
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I spend 2 or 3 hours normally but when I have time I spend a lot more time xD
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I spend 4-5hrs per day on tibia, doing task and warzones and rare hunt.

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I spend a lot afk looking market and talking with mates and  very rare dealers haha , also warzones , bosses and that stuff  , normal hunt is boring for me atm
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2-3 hours from monday to friday. Saturday and Sunday some times more but some times I don't even play rssr
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I spend 1-2 hours a week.;..

So, a day... it'd be like 1h/day when i log in ^^
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I spend for 8-9 hours per day, but i work and study :D