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I would like to know the rewards or benefits of Bosstiary. What can I do with the boss points and what can I get for reaching certain levels? Is there any other benefits for doing the Bosstiary? Please include your source (and images if you can)

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There are 3 levels of progress when unlocking the bosstiary. 

> Unlocking these levels you get rewards

> These levels depend on how often bosses can be killed.

1. Prowess Level

Reward: Boss Slot 

> Unlock this level and get the first boss slot

> Select a boss and benefit from a 25% equipment drop bonus

> This bonus only affects equippable items

2. Expertise Level 

Reward: Podium of Vigor

> Unlock this level and get a free boss display podium that can be placed in your house or GH

> You can purchase extra pods for gold

3. Mastery Level

Reward: Additional 25% Equipment Drop Bonus

> Completing Boss Entries will earn you "Boss Points"

> Boss slot equipment loot bonus can be gradually increased up to 182%

> You will earn a second boss slot upon completing 1500 boss points

> Progressing in the Bosstiary will grant temporary and permanent titles

> New record "Boss Points" will be added

Source: news summary June 17, 2022 tibia official website


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can you add the link to your source?
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Yes of course, I already added :)
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You can link to the exact article ideally. Linking to "Latest News" will soon be out of date.