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what do you guys think of a way to trade or send items to other game worlds ? Like same thing as a char transfer but using a parcel to move only items from a server to another

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That would be a problem for Tibia economy , since the tibia coins price is based on the type of the game world (pvp, no pvp , retro..) so if that happened then all the prices would change , and there will be inflaction.

For example in antica tibiaCoins are 14k each , thats because is harder on Pvp to make money , but for example in Secura tibia coins are like 19k each , there a big difference between worlds , so if you "mix" or add the option to transfer items you are ruining economy system on Tibia and everything will be changed.
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Why would you have to double transfer? You can just create, bring it to main and transfer it.
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It depends in the amount , maybe its worth for u to bring money from 1 world to another one and that stuf , but yes u are right , normally it only takes 1 wt
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I was thinking like if you want to send something to other world but without taking the char to other world just the item... but I found other way of doing it :p