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Hello, I was searching for a fiend monster and stumbled upon this place on screenshot. For sure fiend was there, any idea what is this place (green circle on level -2)?

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I know whats near it is the slimes/exit of POI (what's to the left and right of it) if that helps anyone.

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This is a place where the access method is currently unknown. It has existed in Tibia for a long time, but the first screenshot was shown by Delany in 2019 when he was interviewed by TibiaWiki. There are many theories and speculations circulating about this place in the mystery hunters' community. Your fiend monster was probably a Bonelord or one of the demon skeletons that can be found there.

I found out about this place thanks to Bubba's Discord (mysteriando channel) when Meadek and other people were discussing it.




Meadek's video: https://youtu.be/uh6RvmHvvgc?t=377

Bubba's Discord (unofficial source)