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Is there a limit or is it all based on luck?

I just used a piggy bank after doing some bosses and got 18 platinum coins from a single one. I don't remember ever getting such amount of coins so I got curious if there's a set a limit or if, in theory, I could infinity generate platinum coins from it.

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The statistics show that piggy banks have a 20% break rate. This suggests the average value for a piggy bank is 401 gp.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Piggy_Bank/Statistics
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Yeah, I've seen that before but that doesn't quite answers the question.
Well given that the odds for just getting a thousand presses before the piggy bank breaking is pretty much zero, (zero as in you wouldn't be able to find one even if you were able to press piggy banks every second for the rest of your life).

According to cnbc "The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot by matching all numbers with the five white balls and red Powerball drawn are 1 in 292,201,338"
Finding a piggy bank with 88 uses before breaking is rarer than that (assuming 20% break rate).

In theory a cosmic ray could hit cipsofts server in just the right place that it would flip a critical bit controlling the piggy banks odds ratio making it never break.
That would in fact be much likelier than zero. Which is the answer for your exponential function approaching infinity.
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Well I dont think there is a limit just luck, because every piggy bank have a 20% break rate.

But I can tell you the max amount of platinum coins i ever seen was 24 platinums from 1 piggy bank.

on my case i just have the luck of 21 platinum .coins from one.

So base on this I can tell you that this is just luck and this should be the answer to your question Luck/break rate..

Hope this Help you