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I’m not a hlvl now so I don’t know when I need to start doing this imbue stuff and if it’s worth it..

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In this years imbuements are essential for all vocation and starting lvl 50 its already worth doing.

Mana leech is very good for make a profit in a hunts and increases the time that you will remain on hunt. In low level u can use only basic void on weapon and helmet, that will make a big difference even more if you hunt on single target. For the Paladins is incredible, spend no many smps and the profit is amazing, for the mages hunt with sudden deaths too. But i think the knigths are the most benefited with this mechanic, the normal mana potion sometimes insufficient for hold the combos utito tempo, exori and exori min or others.

Life leech it useful for Paladins with Aoe and for the knights, knights in solo hunt has desability in heal, the combo 2x intricate void + 2x intricate vampirism for a lvl 100+ its a heavem. Can be a profitable using this and in time hunting terms its a 2x-3x bigger. For a party hunts you can change the intricate vampirism of the sword for critical.

Boost skills and Critical imbuements icreases you experience but in low levels 150- in solo hunt can be a waste. Is intersting uses in party

Elemental protection is a good job for hunt in hard hunts, like barkless cults in ab'dendriel a low level knight without this protection die easily. Mage's in Courts can use on shield/spellbook for more protection.
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In my opinion, it depends on  vocation.

As a rule of thumb, when it opens for you new possibilities for hunting grounds, and you have the ability to pay for them  without depending on outer money source, it worth it.