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According to the rules established, what could be the best way to compete for the best positions on this server?

Remember that you can describe strategies involving friends as well on team hunts, or even strategies where one player gives money to the other!

Rules that were annouced on Tibia official website:

The Tournament page will be updated with all details about rules, score set and rewards on Wednesday but we would like to give you a short preview on some changes that we made for GLORY based on your feedback during the test Tournament VANGUARD:

  • Offline Training will not be available.
  • The trading of Tibia Coins via the Market will not be available on Restricted Store Tournament worlds.
  • Completing Bestiary entries for very rare creatures will not yield Tournament Points.
  • The ticket price for Regular Tournament worlds will be lowered to 5,000,000 gold.
  • Daily Tournament Playtime will be set to 2 hours.

The rule set of GLORY:

  • PvP Type: Open PvP
  • Daily Tournament Playtime: 02:00:00
  • Death Penalty Modifier: 1.00x
  • XP Multiplier: 7.00x
  • Skill Multiplier: 10.00x
  • Spawn Rate Multiplier: 1.00x
  • Loot Probability: 1.00x
  • Rent Percentage: 10%
  • House Auction Duration: 0

The score set of GLORY:

  • Charm Point Multiplier: Charm Points * 20
  • Level Gain/Loss: +/- 100


closed with the note: Glory is over! And as Ellotris suggested, closing it is the most adequate procedure now.
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Since the question is about a one-time event, I vote to close it as soon as the tournament is over. Unless, of course, we can modify it to make it more generic and valid even after this specific event is over
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I thought about that, but since there is a chance that each tournament gonna be a different format (comment made by CM on forum), I guess that it is better to make it more specific for now. Of course, I can try to put it as a more generic question, but even minor factors changed would make a valuable strategy for this tournament less useful on another (for example, if a future tournament includes a higher amount of points lost due to level loss, it would change a lot on how to proceed on this hypothetical tournament).

Closing it would probably be a good move once the GLORY tournament is done. But let's see how it will be the future.

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First we can see the exp mutiplier is 7x and the Charm Point Multiplier is: Charm Points * 20, for this different than the first tourney (test)

for get best positions in the new, we need to combine a good level and a many of charm points. Other think is 2 hours for play in a day.

Isnt is a many time. 

Completing Bestiary entries for very rare creatures will not yield Tournament Points.

I think this point will be change all my estrategy, goblin leader, crystal wolfs, iron-golden-diamond servants, get a lot of easy charm points.

One better way to make a many of tournament points i think is up in paty and a kill low monsters  like a dworcs, goblins, drak cathedral low creatures. Other way is a double mage rushing in gfbs in dark cathedral, the spikes , meriana, can be a high exp and a diverses creatures charm points.

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interesting analysis, but what would be a good start before going gfbs as mage, just to make more clear? Go for ghouls hoping to get level and profit early? Also, don't you think that having access to money and using on the store (using TC on unrestricted store) will be an absurd advantage? And what about to the restricted store, having someone to support you with money could be potentially crucial to get top scores, don't you think?
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as i said in party you can hunt easy,  Stonerefiners are a good idea for make money and exp in low levels.
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I think these events are made for a group of friends. An good idea would be u have a team to lvl up and do bestiary while u have some players ass backup for an eventual attack.
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