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Hello guys!

Another update coming and once again we are going to see new area wuith lots of bosses to kill. I dont about you, but I'm full of bosses, I almost can't kill just Oberon, imagine all these bosses from the last update and the news that are coming. Otherwise, I would like to know how many bosses do you kill in a week? Also, let us know wihch of them.

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I think the best way to know what boss is good option to kill, is the loot value, if it have a good chance to drop rare (Expensive Items) go ahed and kill it.

Ascending Ferumbras (I dont kill it)

The Scourge Of Oblivion (I dont kill it)

World Devourer (I dont kill it)



The Nightmare Beast


Malofur Mangrinder

Faceless Bane

Izcandar the Banished


All Warzones 4 5 6 bosses (I kill it 1 Day per week)

All Heart of Destruction Quest bosses (I kill it per day)

Jaul (I kill it when appear)

Grand Master Oberon (I kill it per day)

PD: As I say, I dont kill this full list, but in my opinion these are the most importante to kill.

So with the new bosses, we gonna see how much value loot can give it.
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This days I just kill Oberon and Warzones bosses but there is interesting route of bosses to check that I used to do.

Low levels

  • White Pale,
  • Fernfang,
  • General Murius,
  • Man in the cave,
  • Ocyakao,
  • Yeti,
  • Dharalion,
  • Rotworm Queen,
  • Midnight panther,
  • Crustacea gigantica...

 Edron fast check bosses route

First I run to the Shlorg as it’s the most profitable boss here, then to the point where Big Bad One resps. Then to the north and down in the dungeon I check Necropharus. The last checkpoint is the cave where Sir Valorcrest resides, near the place where we start the check. Of course you can set the order of checking the way it suites you best and for example start with Sir Valorcrest.

High level

  • Alpthramun
  • Warzones 4,5,6
  • Oberon
  • Faceless Bane
  • Heart of Destruction Quest bosses
  • Ferumbras
  • Jaul
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Daily I kill in this order these ones:

  • Faceless bane
  • Grand Master Oberon: Before and after killing it I kill the mini bosses once:
    • Grand Canon dominus
    • Prezeptor Lazare
    • Grand Commander Soeren 
  • Dream court daily boss: 
    • Plagueroot
    • Maxxenious
    • Malofur
    • Izcandar
    • Alptrammum
      • Note: If the team wants, we kill Alptrammum and Malofur twice the day they spawn (killing it a few hours after SS the first time (not more than 3.30h) and killing it before the next SS); when we do so, we don't kill maxxenious and/or plagueroot.
  • Dream courts last boss

When I am in the mood to do 'boxes' I kill Jaul too.. but that doesn't happen too often xD

And when others members of the guild are in the mood, we go kill Wz 5 and Wz 4 bosses too.

About looking for rare bosses...I am not in that, I'm actualy still trying to find my first midnight panther cheeky