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Hi guys!

I was wondering on how Tibia could make the resolution of Tibia works better on newer monitors , actually we already have 2k , 4k monitors with big resolutions but Tibia does not support them .

Actual Tibia:

As you can see the right and left borders are limited because the new monitors are on 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio and Tibia is still working on 4:3 aspect ratio , this 4:3 is very old and it was used on old monitors like the CRT.

A solution?: 

As we see in Archlight ( a Tibia's mod) they implemented a way where you can use your monitor resolution to the fullest , this is a very nice idea and also look cooler and I think it have many good things.*

So what do you think is the best solution to this "problem"?? 

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