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Hi guys!

I was wondering on how Tibia could make the resolution of Tibia works better on newer monitors , actually we already have 2k , 4k monitors with big resolutions but Tibia does not support them .

Actual Tibia:

As you can see the right and left borders are limited because the new monitors are on 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio and Tibia is still working on 4:3 aspect ratio , this 4:3 is very old and it was used on old monitors like the CRT.

A solution?: 

As we see in Archlight ( a Tibia's mod) they implemented a way where you can use your monitor resolution to the fullest , this is a very nice idea and also look cooler and I think it have many good things.*

So what do you think is the best solution to this "problem"?? 

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I think the main challenge regarding this issue is to provide support for multiple resolutions while keeping the same viewing area for all players. I believe that's why we all have the same fixed aspect ratio. On some other online games, the ability to change aspect ratios might give a slight advantage to wider monitors by giving some extra viewing area on the sides. So maybe CipSoft is still not sure how to provide a better support for wider monitors without giving such advantages as being able to see some extra few sqms to the sides.

I think you're on the right track for a solution. Again, in my opinion, the best approach to a better support to multiple resolutions while keeping the same aspect ratio for everyone would be to remove the side bars and use floating windows for inventory/battle/character info as you showed on your example. However, unless there is a client revamp on the horizon, I can't see this happening very soon.
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Yes and no. Those solutions result in important information (parts of the gameplay-screen) being hidden behind other data/etc. This could be a disadvantage and dangerous. The positive thing about having available space on both sides is that you have room to open up multiple sidebars, which in today's Tibia have become quite important.

The only solution I could see if you want it to fit better would be to have a stretch-feature. Or an UI as you suggest above being an available option, so that you can choose whether you want to play with the disadvantages or not.