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Other than the offline training, what are currently the best (most efficient) training techniques for melee skills and shielding? With most efficient I understand techniques where nearly all the time spent on training is actually converted to skill points. This means:
1. making blood hits often enough
2. shield blocking most of the attempts (and having exactly 2 monsters do that)

As a nice to have: the technique shouldn't involve taking the white skull and should be safe enough to leave the character afk for a few minutes.

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So i dont know if its most efficient persay or not.

 But on a ek i would use the shadows of yalahar quest area. and train on modified gnarlhounds. and if u really wanna get 2 monsters to hit you. i would use a wand on alt char. to summon a mad sheep. then log out and come with the char i wanna train on and summon another one. Modified Gnarlhounds are strong to everything. and immune to physical . so i would use a fire sword/fire axe for example.

2nd spot. is training with either hydras or sea serpents. there is a good spot in northern sea serpents. where they would be diagonal to u. and u kinda sorta afk for a minute~ if u have enough hp to tank it. ( I would use a sword with basic mana leech imbued.) to get some health back . Nothing amazing but 6-10 hp per hit is not bad. and they heal pretty frequent so killing them doesn't really happen.  Not sure where would be a good hydra training spot. but if u manage to find a spot where u  can diagonal 2 hydras. ur good 2 go.

Good Luck with training hopefully this helps u out :).
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Vengoth castle have a room in the basement (down through the trap door and through the east door I think). There should be a room with only 2 or 3 gargoyles. They heal a lot, does hardly any damage at all, have a decent amount of armor/health as a training monster and you should easily be able to blood hit them with your weakest weapon.

Since the only way in and out is through stairs no one can lure anything extra and the place is far away enough for others to don't bother or disturb you.

It's safe to afk but of course your level and skills decides how long you can afk before they die.

Another nice training spot is also gargoyles but in the golem/gargoyle cave beneath Farmine (some progression through the new frontier quest needed). Just find 2-3 gargoyles and lure them to a spot where only 2-3 monsters can hit you. This place is easier to access though so more players might be running around down there.
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I've tried gargoyles before. They are quite good, but a small problem I had was to pick a correct weapon + fighting style to deal enough damage but not to kill them. Their healing is quite low and infrequent and they also don't have too much HP. Once you pick a correct weapon and style for your skill, they work good enough.
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Yeah Gargoyles only work until a certain skill/level before they die too quickly. Be sure to use a knife for sword, a sickle for axe or acrowbar for club training to make as little damage as possible. If you have (like me) too high level to use Gargoyles as a training monster then you're probably mostly hunting with 2h weapons both in solo and team hunts and shielding is not worth training anyway, in this case the modified gnarlhound in Telas basement mentioned earlier is the best way to afk train on.
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Train with just one white deer and another mob, doesn't matter which one. In order to use a white deer to skill you need to find one, kill him and see if it becomes an enraged white deer. This one is aggressive and self-heal enough to stay alive so it's perfect to even stay afk while training. In case it turns into a desperate white deer just kill it to reset the respawn.
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Something i could recommend at higher levels, is to be always targeting monsters in hunt.

As you know, when you get a nice level, the hunt meta changes to luring full and have a shooter, or just exori on solo hunting, then the knights use to forget targeting, cuz you don't really need it, but if you target all time, you will be receiving at least the shield skill advance.
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Plus, if you use mana/life leech imbuements, targeting monsters gives you extra leeching per round ^^
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Since April, 24 2018 you can also train your skills using exercise weapons, which technically is an online training technique. More on getting the exercise weapons in How can I get exercise weapons?