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I wonder if paladins could make runes just like gfb but with holy damage. What your opinion about that?

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I wouldn't necessarily say it would be OP as it could be utilized by all vocations.

However situational hunting demands that particular runes should be used to maximize hunting efficiency. A lot of creatures are neutral or weak to holy, thus this would make holy AOE runes an easier pick over other AOE runes. I think this is why it hasn't been implemented.

The same would apply for something like a death AOE rune I'd imagine.
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I agree with you. The main problem is that  almost all monster are weak to Holy, if u make a rune AOE, it will take place of all others.
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In my opinion, I think that every profession has its pros and cons, and palladin isn't a runic profession, but...why not? This might be cool for low lvl, but only :p it's boring way to 150.
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That would make other vocations complain about rps even more.

Right now rps' stats are great, if you added just for them a holy rune in area...they would be so op since most Monsters In tibia are weak to holy.

In my opinión this rune should never be added to the Game, paladín is already balanced using the combo Arrow/gfb+ Arrow/mas san.
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Why do I do I got a downvote in an opinión bases question? And without a reply...senseless