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I noticed they have changed the stats of this armor, from ice protection, which I found super usefull for my drud (we use to hunt winter court) to earth protection.

Which attributes of those two do you think were/are more usefull for a mage?

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Due to the fact that I have been playing druid (600lvl) for a long time, i don't like this change. Much time i spend  in Liberary (Ice) also was great to hunt Elfs in Dream Curts. So was also usefull for me, also was better than Frostmind Raiment. Now after this change i don't need it.. But for 220+lvls are still usefull with earth protection, for example Banuta, Hive, West Oramond.

So in my opinion best is with ice protection.

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Of course it would still be useful for mage! It's always a little better than  for earth protection.  The answer was given below: oramond west, hive and Banuta and I will add that Carnivoras also have earth damage. Surely there will be other places, maybe new ones in the future?

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yes, but wasn't it better with ice protection? more useful?
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Maybe yes, but from the beginning of this update it was known that this items will have earth protection. Even his appearance is "earth" not "ice" lol
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Whether Ice of Earth protection is completely dependent on the hunts and bosses the player uses it at, considering on both cases it would be the best armor available for that element. It is also subject to change at any update, for instance not long ago Ice Protection was completely useless, but now we have Library and Winter Court.
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(Arm: 16, magic level +4, protection earth +11%, fire -2%). Imbuement Slot: 1

They did indeed change it from ice to earth protection, but the bear skin has something that the raiment's doesn't have!

It has one imbuement slot! Which means that if you want to you could imbue it with +15% ice protection aswell with other elemental protections (not earth and fire since it already has those stats). You could even have Life leech on your bear skin! 

I am currently using the bear skin on my druid, it has the same +4 magic level boost as the raiments, higher armor value & you could potentially make yourself take much less elemental damage with imbues :)

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It's the best armor for mages in almost all cases.

Imbuement slot means that you can get more elemental protection than from raiments and you get earth protection which is useful in a lot of places.