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can be by the quest, the rare they are, the art etc

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MY TOP OF THE TOP IS  Midnight Panther. Unfortunately, I'n not a happy owner of this mount.

Night Waccon  Manta Ray  Hibernal Moth  Ivory Fang.

I think that most of the mounts in the game aren't nice, and typically girly are really rare. Moth and Waccon for my love of pastel colors in real life once, but in Tibia I have a liking for such colors. Manta Ray I use most often, I got the item from my beloved Norelli for my birthday and I catched this by first attempt. Ivory Fang for me is really cute wolf, many people say it's a lama or a dog and they think it's ugly. For me it's beautiful and it's my first one bought from the store. Must add here Black Sheep   too, because it's my first "most expensive" mount. I looted reins, but I sold it by accident at a lower price, but then I bought it occasionally. I was afraid that I would break because I tried 10 times. This mounts look funny with Elementalist outfit.

for men I don't like much mounts. Shadow Claw, Midnight Panther, Scorpion King  only.

additional remarks regarding mounts

Ringtail Waccon I also don't know why it is such a rarely used mount. He's really pretty, and I didn't see anyone in the game with him.

Floating Kashmir. Is it just me who doesn't know what cipsoft meant with the yellow cushion? in my opinion it breaks the whole thing, and it would be one of the prettiest mounts with a beautiful name (I love cashmere).

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Idk if I have one favorite, I like to use the mount according the outfit, but thinking only at mounts I would say that Flying Book image is great. Two that I like very much are Armoured War Horse Armoured War Horse.gif and War Bear War Bear.gif (remember me about His Dark Materials).

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My favorite of all time is the midnight panter is just beautiful and rare to find
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mi favorite mount is lady bug because i get the item for myself doing points of hive...

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Flying Book was wonderful. I want this one becouse its a hard to loot Liberary ticketI'm trying to get it but I won't buy it.
Because I get all my mounts by  my own, it gives me greater joy :)

From Quests my favorite is newly added  GryphonYou need some effort to get the tame item (The Regalia of Suon)
I really like such hard missions to get a mount or outfit. May more such quests.

And i like one from Shoop and i have them. It's a Ivory Fang , I think it's the best they've added for tibia coins. Have a great animation with walking :)

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Nice choices, the Ivory Fang is indeed nice and the walking animation looks good. :)
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I prefer to look at mounts by their concept art rather than how rare or expensive they are.

My favourite one I think is the tiger slug:

I find it really cute, the animation is well balanced, and I find it very original!

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I have few favorite mounts

Flying Book Flying Book

Ladybug Ladybug

Manta Ray Manta Ray

Hibernal Moth Hibernal Moth

I love how these mounts looks. They are cute and they fit good with all my outfits. Hibernal Moth is cheap and is not so hard to make it. I have it on my 8 level.

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haha no way, crazy girl :o
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I only like the mount who give achievement so, my top is:

  • Flying Book
  • Gryphon
  • Midnight Panther
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Flying Book is my favorite mount. Unfortunately, I am not yet the owner of this mount. Flying Book is beautiful, expensive and rare. At the moment I have to enjoy my Night Waccon

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Black sheep, beacuse of it is:

- small

- smooth

- looks great with male summoner and mage