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will cost like central circles or the top houses of other cities?
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I bought a house on Issavi for 15kk :) Monza

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It all depends on what server u play. On Antica I heard people paid 60kk around for houses there.
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wow, rlly? xD
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In my server they are already rented. The most the people has payed are 3kk, and many of them were owned in 0gps.

And this is not a world where houses are cheap: 

  • Harbour place 1 was rented in 40kk, now the owner wants to sell it in 100kk+
  • Lucky Lane 1 was rented in 8kk, now people tryes to buy it in 15kk+
  • Darashia Villa was rented in 30kk

I think this city will be only a temporaly 'popular town', and eventualy it will be only good to farm the mini bosses there.

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Good question. But it depends on the server. The more populated the server, the more expensive the houses are.
I will give you examples on the most populated pvp server which is Antica.

The houses on Issavi have been auctioned for a high price. I heard from a friend that one of them was auctioned for 120kk!
It's a crazy price but yes, Antica is one of the older servers, there are a lot of people here, and homes can be very expensive.

I think Yalahar is one of the more expensive cities and houses. Houses in this city reach the border of over 100kk+. 
For example : 
Fortune Wing 1 - the biggest house in Yalahar. I think there are people who pay about 200kk for those.

Luminous Arc 4 - roughly the same price as for the first

Luminous Arc 1 - certainly this house will reach a high price!

The same applies to some homes in Venore (50-100KK) and Edron. 
One of the most expensive of this city are :

Central Circle 1 - this is one of the most desirable homes. I think this house on Antica is worth about 200kk!

Central Circle 2 - Price similar to the first house. 

Wood Avenue 7 - I think you would pay a minimum of 100kk for this house, certainly more, but gives the minimum price.


About the houses on Oramond I will say only that they are not as expensive as other cities but also reach the 100KK border. It depends on the location.

It also depends on the location and server. I will add that it is very hard to buy a nice house on Antica. For this people are able to pay cosmic sums, the more that money goes in an easier way to get in this game.

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Okey its no problem. But how much did you payd for youre house Luminous Arc 1 ? I am interested in the price of this house also.
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Luminous Arc 1 costed me 100kk :P
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yup, fortune wing 2 - 50kk, fortune wing 3 - 48kk and my fortune wing 4 costs 81kk on auction XD no comment pls
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depends on the server, but in my opinion on Antica houses on Yalahar will be the most expensive still.
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I don't think so. Oramond is very comfortable if we are talking about buying supplies, has few nice hunting places for different sort of lvl (100-500) and houses are really big in nice, unique colour and style. Many advantages. Issavi in it's style is similar to Darashia/Ankrahmun so there's nothing unique. Houses are smaller and in worse location, not as visible for other players. Also hunting places are not so nice.