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Let's keep in mind that this situation would be new char created in a server without any friend or acquaintance, obviously without any other older character giving equipment to you. The situation would be of a level 20 that just got out Dawnport, and needs to get some equipment and money fast... Quests for small groups of low level players are also accepted, since it is reasonable to theorize that the low level player will find others in the same situation.

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The first thing i would do is the ultimate booze quest, because it will provide you with 1.5k (if you sell the light shovel), which will help you to get your first equipment pieces. Its fairly safe too. After that you could go to kazordoon and pick up one of the daily spawns of a dwarven pickaxe (look up the location on tibia.wikia.com). On my server the price of a dwarven pickaxe is 7k. Now you can find a team of all 4 vocations and do the desert quest for 10k+. From now on you can buy Equipment and hunt profitable spawns.
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