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I wonder if you have any habits, rituals? It can be something you do everyday (daily routine), collect something and more...

  • I love collect Empty potion flasks  I don't throw them out of my backpack, I fill capacity from empty on floor when I leave hunt, clean in depot. I'm vial QUEEN and everyone who knows me knows it. Sometimes everyone gets nervous about it, lol #teamvials
  • I love collect BACKPACKS. I don't have Winged Backpack  and War Backpack  only. For me Sam old and used backpack isn't normal backpack. My fave: Moon Backpack (this is the one what I wear) Pillow Backpack  Cake Backpack 
  • I love collect Dolls and bears. It's hard to get all of them, especially the fansites, but I already have a lot of them. My top fave what I have: Torn Teddy Panda TeddyStuffed Frog Nightmare Doll  Jester Doll Baby Seal Doll and my dreams: Bear DollMidnight Panther Doll Epaminodas Doll Loremaster Doll  Norseman Doll(i have replica for this one)
  • I'm crazy about it "UTAMO VITA". I'm always on UTAMA, sometimes even in a depot. Sometimes even when I want to be "without" and use EXURA, I will still push it. I know, it's funny and it's waste but... I don't trust myself, the internet, the game and people.
  • I love make gingerbreads I always make them for myself, for friends and for sale at the Hot Cuisine event. It reminds me of the times when I did with my friends breads on Rookgard for money.
  • I'm not in favor of holding a loot. I can't have 10 pages for sale. I always try to do it on a regular basis.
  • Every time I go to Rashid/Yasir/Djinns and I have free capacity, I buy items at the market on which I can earn something.

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I can think of one unususal habit that I have in Tibia straight away, it has something to do with when I stand still and/or runemake! I always have to equip my relaxing/chill set, this is currently what it looks like!:D

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hahah how cool is that! :D nice set. jelly of mirror <3
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Thank you so much, yeah I got lucky with the mirror & looted it on my first tyrn :D
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Hahahahaha cool!
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My daily routine:

- I have to open seashell every day Giant Shimmering Pearl

- I have to kill Scarlett Etzel Scarlett Etzel

- I have to do all tasks in Goblin Merchant Quest

- I am also collector of cute, shiny items. My favorite are: Crunor's Heart Crunor's Heart.gif, Panther Doll Midnight Panther Doll, Amazon Shield Amazon Shield, Adamant Shield Adamant Shield, Bunny Slippers Bunny Slippers.gif

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Please remind me of pearls hun <3 I always get 'nothing' or forget about it. And I want achie lool. Task Goblin probably will never finish haha XD
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Talking about UNSUAL, I have a problem with order, I love keep the order in my backpacks and depot. Another thinks is keep a document with all the information of my account.

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I check everyday the market like 20 times, too see how items and tibiacoins fluctuate to speculate with prices. Also I check everyday the opticording quest research and do my own research about  secret quests.

Also I use to change the deco of my House almost everyday haha.
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Haha when I was the same but when I'll try extra money from "handel market" (e.g. I buy cheaper creatures items).
I also decorated my house everyday, but since I have this big one on Yalahar, it's difficult for me to fill it up. I think it's a process for years. I'll finish playing faster :D
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I don’t know if it’s unusual but I try to collect things that people throw at depot or any other place over tibia, its mostly empty pots and some useless items that doesn’t have much value but I already found a mount item completely forgotten in the floor

I like to collect backpacks and dolls/stuffed stuff :D (at least I try to collect most of them are expensive)
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I got this hábit of trying to pick up any cute item that decorates respawns: lamp, tables, flowers... The size doesnt Matter lol.

I also do the same Boss route: faceless, oberon, Scarlett, dream court mini Boss, Urmahlullu, new mini bosses and final one.

I check market thousands of times to check demonic essences price, which I use to buy and resell.

When hunting we need to do a circle clockwise most times

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1. I walk around Antica's cities and look other people houses and rares, then check how to obtain them xD

2. I check tibia forum 10+ times a day to update my knowledge about world's condition.
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I don't have many rares, but come my house :D
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My daily routines. Some of them are:

• Daily Reward   for all my characters. Unfortunately I forgot about them yesterday :(

• D
aily unlocks a minimum of one bestiary monster

• I check all bosses 

• I check prices at the market (I make runes while standing in the depot)
• I like to collect Gold Tokens , so I go to all bosses every day.

• I check Trade Boards several times a day.

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omg daily ;'( i have about 190.
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Thats alright, atleast you got the Creature of Habit (Grade 5) title of 365 consecutive days! ^^
I have yet to reach 90 days!
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Yea right, but still sad that I lost those days :(