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Who is the most well known person on Your world and why? Insane pvp skill, the richest guy, the most tricky scammer or maybe great commander? That may be retired/old time person, even from merged worlds.

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Antica? Maybe Tikolo, most popular dicer. in my old server Valoria legends: Chullo, Apitov 

And one polish legend ever and first 300 in Tibia: Mateusz Dragon Wielki

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Server: Gladera

Mad Lym: Rich boy.

Krisph: Have the best house in Thais and open to all (With servants and imbuements machine)

Etien: The most big reseller of Cipsoft and rich by.

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I play on Antica. In my opinion the most legendary player is Zuczkinns (I don't know his full name). 

Why did I choose him?

- He is one of the richest Tibia players.

- He has good pvp skills.

- He did things in this game which I have never seen before (example: he summonded 100 warlocks Warlock on The Queen of the Banshees Quest)

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Probably more of an infamous player than a legendary player, although I must say it was pretty interesting to watch his videos. He did not play Tibia fairly though, he would have 100+ tibia clients up at one point, botting them, gaining gold.
He had a youtube channel but it looks like he removed it, there are still some videos of him on youtube though.
I do not recommend to play Tibia the way he did, play fairly and enjoy the game :)