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Lately I find my regular hunting places occupied, so I have to wait long period of time before I start my hunting session.

What is your experience?

Edit: I play on Secura (no dominant guild), and I mostly hunt at Glooth Tower.

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Good question, maybe could u add if the player belong to a Dominant guild or not?

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Lately I have been focused on other things than hunting, but when I do hunt most spawns I go to are usually free!

Do you want to know my great secret? Okay here we go...

Im an EU player playing on an NA server, so lets say I come home from work, well then most NA players are still studying/working so which means less players online, more spawns for me

This may not be fitting for everyone, some may experience heavy lag or latency

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Honestly? Antica is very annoying after that term. I can rarely hunt because I have follow, and when I want to or it's hard to find a teamhunt or all places are taken. Yesterday even at 5 am, no way.

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In my server Gladera, you can hunt on a spawn all the time you want if you are alone, but if another person want hunt here you have a max of two hours. Its a rule from the community to the community in the most of cases work.

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I would wait anywhere from 1-2h depending on the spawn. Usally, if im going for the highest exp spawns I will wait longer then profitable spawns just because I hunt with a team when i want big amounts of exp and we just take time supply up and plan a time to meet back up. If I am solo and going for profit I am more likely to just go hunt somewhere else or just not go hunting at all as profit hunting isn't as fun as high exp with a team. If it is both profitable and good exp with a team I have waited closer to the 2 and 1/2 hour mark.
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Usually I don't have to wait, just need to schedule it, but it I think might vary from world to world, servers with dominant guilds has their own rules and the main respawns take long to randoms, if they get it.
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I do not... My world is in war so if an enemy is hunting the placer I want I Ks him.

If it is a neutral I usualy respet the time if it is not more than 30 minutes, if it is more I search for another respawn.

Being RP is terrible when respawn are full, since you have to waste time doing arrows
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I am player from Antica. I don't hunt at day because I prefer play at night so it help a lot (respawns usually are empty at night). I try to choose places like Falcons or new spawns (not much people know how to hunt there). Is good to have few hunting places so you can change them if they are claimed.  I usally don't have to wait.
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I never wait when something is taken. Usually when it's busy, I'm looking for another replacement option. I don't like waiting and wasting my time. Sometimes it is also that we arrange a different hour when it comes to team exp. I play on EU servers, sometimes at night it is worth going, then I am sure that my place is empty.
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After Cip set respawn rate on 2x permanently, I haven't much issues with find a decent spawn. Many lesser spawns have got its full potential, and there is no much difference between west glooth bandits and east for example. But if I have to wait, I spend max 30 minutes.