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Primarily opinion based: This question has been marked as opinion based, which means that it is mainly looking for player opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise.

Let's let the imagination run wild. What are you missing when it comes to home decoration? Are you missing something? Would you add or fix something? Do you see any mistakes? Let's talk about it!

for me:

  • Not enough bed kits. I never understand why furniture sets are without beds. The ones we have don't match with nothing.
  • It isn't possible to place the carpet under the bed, ladder or stairs.
  • The fact that, e.g. on a table, you can put things only in the middle.
  • looks strange when you put something on "chest" furniture from store.

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Wow, never thought about why we don't have matching bed kits! Thats such a good point!

Another thing about beds: I would love to be able to move them around in the house! Sometimes the beds are placed in such a weird way.

I totally agree with you on how strange some items look ontop of the chests & it would be great if there was a way to fix this, although thats just how some items work..

I would love to see some type of viking furniture in the future, I know we already have the hrodmir set, but its not really doing it for me..

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oh yes, this tip with beds <3
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In my opinion beds shoud be removable and avaliable in shops just like other furniture. Thanks to this solution we could hang something on the wall behind the bed. The same problem is with lamps and laterns. Permanent decoration is OK only in case of specific, unique houses like the one on Gray Beach or Hare's Den. In cities I would leave blank walls and no beds, to make everything customable.

Need more bed kits? It's a great option to add it into a Tibia Store.

I could add that some graphics of objects, like areca palm, trees etc. are cutted by wall graphic. Because of this I don't use Iron Crown in my house.
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absolutely right! although I'd  like to change these straw beds into normal ones.
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Something I would love to see is furniture that you can color, just like Tibia outfits (maybe just with a primary and secondary color). It would allow for so much more color matching in decoration and make it way easier to match different styles of furniture together!
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aww yes, it's beautiful idea!