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I was one of those who had looked forward a lot to the tournament-system Cipsoft added, but it's been, in my opinion, a bit of a let-down and the popularity of them so far seems to be very low. However. tournaments are still in a very early stage and it's not too late for Cipsoft to change them up a bit.

So the question is: How would you improve/change Tibia tournaments so that it would would encourage you/more players to join them? What would, in your opinon, make tournaments a more fun or engaging feature of Tibia?
For example, maybe there's a specific rule-set you would Cipsoft to add? What does Cipsoft has to add/remove from tournaments?

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I made list, basic on others opinions:

- Cipsoft should change price for access on tournaments.

- Cipsoft should allow free accounts to join tournaments.

- Cipsoft should add start equipment  (you are empty after fist login).

- Cipsoft should make charms count less.

- Cipsoft should add extra speed for our characters (because time is limited).

I based on opinions:

“The price for the monthly premium acount is already considered by many players as very high... paying double that price to take on a game mode that has a limited amount of time looks just so ridiculous... First of all I think that Cipsoft should remove the requirement of already having premium time on your account to play the tournament... Paying the Tournament fee would give premium time for that specific character for the duration of the tournament... that way Cipsoft could reach maybe those players that play mostly after the updates and then leave the game for a few months until the next update... their account could be free and they could pay the tounament fee in case they wanted to play a different and more competitive game style.”

“First off you started completely without gear (not even a starter set) and I hadnt expected that so after logging on the first time I walked to the offline trainer and logged back off.”

“Now alot of people im sure had already figured out that charms were going to be absured giving 100 tournament points for 1 charm point compared to 100 points for 1 level of exp.”

"The price to join is absurd so I hope they dont set it to 500TC like originally suggested otherwise the tournament would have to last a year to be worth the value and thats of course a dumb idea."

“I agree with you, it wasnt fun spend all the tournament making bestiary rather then power lvl or do some pvp stuff (things that are more dynamic and fun then bestiary)”




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What would you consider a reasonable price to join a tournament? Would they have to adjust the rewards if the price was cheaper?
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Players can win total 8700 tibia coins In tournaments. On Endera played 98 people. Everyone paid 500tc so total 49000tc. In my opinion tickets should cost 100tc.  It's a price that most players can afford and Cipsoft will still make a profit (more players will join tournaments for sure). On Regular server access should cost max 500k because people will spend a lot more tibia coins there if they wanna be top 10. For example 41 players played on Velocita (regular tournament). It mean price of ticket wasn’t really atravtive. In my opinion rewards should be the same. Cheap tickets will attract more players.
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Well, I think that to encourage more players to join them they should make it colaborative, like doing some task in teams. Adding some free tournaments will help too, so that people know how it works before they pay a considerable amount of coins.

To make it more engaging, I think it should explore some other part of the game other than hunting and leveling up, which is what everybody does all the time. Maybe explore quests, bosses, pvp, invasions. Another idea would be to add a completely different game dynamic to tournaments, like a 'capture the flag'/'defend the castle'/'roleplaying'/'some puzzle'.
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I think Cipsoft should (probably do it soon) add more Non-Pvp features, it would also be nice to restrict tournaments in just one group of hunts like 'Dragons' so players to win the tournament should level up just by hunting Wyrms, Dragons , Dragons Lords ...
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I really wanted to see a Tournament like a monster rampage from test servers but more like the player who kill more bosses in the 2hours limit win or depending of hard boss spawned the last to die wins

And also free accounts should be able to join even if only once