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People farm many times bosses and monsters to see if they are lucky to get the very rare drop of the boss.
But its a waste of time?  In other games companies are starting to implement the % drop of their cases, skins ..etc.
Do you guys think Tibia should implement that feature? 

Example of what I mean:

Falcon Greaves

You see falcon greaves (Arm:10, distance fighting +3, sword fighting +3, club fighting +3, axe fighting +3, protection physical +7%, ice +7%).

It can only be wielded properly by knights and paladins of level 300 or higher.

It weighs 36.00 oz. Droprate 0.0003% 

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Would be nice, since I've always heard only rumors that e.g. falcon items' drop rate from Grand Master Oberon is about 0,1% and for falcon mini bosses - 0,001%... I would like to see what's the real chance to drop rare items. Even from forgotten bosses like pharaohs! It's simply interesting.

Btw. Is anybody know if there is such a suggestion on official tibia.com forum? Maybe Cipsoft would implement something like this or give some info to the official fansites :)

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I would like to see it added to the game but seeing how CipSoft reacts to most proposals and how reluctant they are to reveal game mechanics I don't think it will ever happen.
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I have mixed feelings about it, on the one hand it would be nice to know exactly what the drop rate of individual items is, but on the other hand it would kill some of this magic when you drop something rare.

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The drop rate idea looks good but it isn’t better showing it on bestiary entry instead that on the items?

It looks kinda weird on the item and it had already too many info on them

Maybe just adding the exact % in the cyclopedia bestiary
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The actual statics about loot are made by players just count number of kill between loot. A lot of other games show this statics like WoW it help to determinate the value of some items.

I really want see it one day.
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I must admit it sounds like a very interesting idea.

However, pay attention that the drop rate of certain item, can vary between different bosses (e.g Oberon and other mini bosses).

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To be honest, this option was very good. We don't really know what drop rate monsters have. This is really interesting!

But as above I am of the opinion that Cipsoft will not introduce such a system.

Although who knows maybe in a few years.

But it would be nice if someone suggested such an option on the forum tibia.com.