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Imagine that in Tibia you can buy a House and edit it , changing walls , color of the walls , materials , floors , but always keeping the max sqm initial of the House to dont alter the initial space.


Change the $ thing for TibiaCoins.

I think it could be a nice feature since house are the same always and I think this feature could be great.

What do you think guys? and how do you think this could be implemented?

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If they start to sell part of houses in tibia store people can build a house anywhere!! Just look at the carpet stuff some people just use them in the middle of thais street xD but ok it would be fun to have doors in the middle of nowhere xD
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Well that is a bug from cipsoft , I say all of this in a place without those bugs obviously.
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Something like a type of land where you can wrap or place the house stuff? Ok that looks nice but it can have weird bugs anyway xD

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What I like in Tibia is that each city has its own style. I would't like the location to lose its specific look by introducing such possibilities. As I have already mentioned in this topic: https://www.tibiaqa.com/5427/what-errors-from-cipsoft-do-you-see-the-game-section-home-and-decoration?show=5433#a5433 ... the only things I would change is making beds/lamps like any other furniture - customable and correct some graphical bugs.
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Wow, I think that's a good idea. If you have your own home and you can modify it a little for money, but in a l restrained sense. For example, you have a garden or balcony in your home and you can change the fence / railing. Or buy a wallpaper for the wall. Or a ladder instead of stairs...and a larger selection of beds, the ability to move and rotate most items/beds, the possibility of put rugs into slants and under the beds / stairs

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I agree at some extent. I think it would be nice to at least remove most of the stuff inside a house (dustbin, carpets, wall lamp, beds), but keep the rest. Maybe it would also be nice to change where the doors or ladders are placed, but keeping the rest of the structure.

If everything else is also changed, I think the overall architecture of cities could look aesthetically wrong. This however could be solved by restricting the type of walls or roofs that could be selected in each city. Still, there could be an issue as some players could end up creating things that would not make much structural sense and deteriorate the house value of their neighbors.

It could be about reaching a compromise of what could be changed to keep the visuals balanced.
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As architect I see alot ugly houses or strange room/door/stairs in anothers, so to me that can be a really a good opportunity to build my own (To all players) ideal house, special when you want a shop LIKE ME.

And can be a good business to Cipsoft, because all house can have the option and bigger house It implies a greater expense.
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For me it would be a great idea but on the one hand cities would probably lose their charm.

But if you could at least change the color of  he walls, it would certainly facilitate a lot of decorations.

In my opinion, it would be better to introduce other things, e.g. adjusting beds, ladders. There are really a lot of things that could be useful in changing houses.

 It is a pity that nothing in this direction Cipsoft does not work on it.