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A friend got this msg today when she was trying to bid a house.

So I wonder if it is because she has several houses in several servers

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My friend saw same text after he didn't pay rent for house (he lost his flat). He couldn't buy new house (it was like ban for auction for 1-2 weeks). You can have only one house per character and 3 houses per account. EDIT: Now you can be owner of 3 houses on the same character

"Also, keep in mind that there are restrictions: only Premium players can rent or bid for houses, and they cannot rent more than one house per game world. Furthermore, no more than three characters from the same account can rent houses at a time. If one character is a guild leader, the player can also rent one guildhall, even if he has rented three houses already. Needless to say, guildhalls can only be rented by guild leaders. Finally, please note that you can only bid on or buy one house at a time and that the character you are using to get a house must have left Dawnport or Rookgaard."

Source: https://www.tibia.com/gameguides/?subtopic=manual&section=houses

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ohhh, so maybe that is what happened to her! thanks for the info, didn't know about this...'ban'
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Hey! I'm not sure if you want me to edit your post but it's now possible to have 3 houses on the same character (:
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Thank you ;)
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Source: Tibia.com

EDIT 2020: Now you can be owner of 3 houses on the same character

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Hey now you can own 3 houses per character (: