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I found information about new outfit. I believe we can gain it by participating in Orcsoberfest. I will be grateful if someone shares with me new information about this outfit.

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How to obtain the Orcsoberfest outfit

Please note it's currently only possible to obtain the base outfit and not addons 1 or 2 as these addons might be possible to get in future events.

Orcsoberfest GarbBase OutfitAddon 1Addon 2Addons 1+2
MaleOutfit Traditionalist MaleLederhosenTraditional Shirt.gifOutfit Traditionalist Male Addon 1Outfit Traditionalist Male Addon 2Outfit Traditionalist Male Addon 3
FemaleOutfit Traditionalist FemaleLederhosenTraditional Shirt.gifOutfit Traditionalist Female Addon 1Outfit Traditionalist Female Addon 2Outfit Traditionalist Female Addon 3

You will automatically obtain the Orcsoberfest base outfit called, "Orcsoberfest Garb" once you've successfully spawned the Orger Treasure during the final boss fight with King Nourish for 2 different events of Orcsoberfest.

For example, you participated in the final boss fight withAngry_King_Chuck King Chuck and spawned the Orger_Treasure Orger Treasure in October 2019 and also March 2020. During the Orcsoberfest in March 2020 you will obtain the base outfit for completing these 2 events. Please note, there was a bug in the past that's now fixed in which some players had to renew their Schnitzel points in order to get the outfit.

The first Orcsoberfest you participate in you will obtain a lederhosen automatically in your inventory


The second Orcsoberfest you participate in you will obtain a traditional shirt in your inventory

Angry_King_Chuck+Orger_Treasure= Traditional Shirt.gif

The lederhosen and traditional shirt items you will keep with you and won't disappear when you get the base outfit. They are souvenirs for your success for 2 events. So far there's been 2 Orcsoberfest events so for the future events we believe we'll obtain the Orcsoberfest addons. Here's an official response by Skerio:

....The lederhosen you gain when you defeat King Chuck are the first part of the outfit. You can gain the next item when Orcsoberfest takes place again in March next year, defeating King Chuck then once more will unlock the base outfit. Subsequent instances of the event will lead to further items and thus addons for the outfit.





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We still do not know much about this event, but taking into account the event with the percht queen this outfit should be awarded in a similar way, i.e. for the boss fight (about which we know that it will be but will be different than the fight with the percht queen) If I find out something more specific I will add it to my answer.

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Base outfit is automatically for participating event Orcsoberfest two times and make final boss. (at every event, if you kill the boss in last event now you also must). First time you got pants, second shirt and base outfit.

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I didn't understand her answer neither, but thankfully she updated it.
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my english isn't the best but i tried to improve it. I will tell you that I was doing the last event on my noobar and now I didn't get the shirt either. it may depend on the damage :( I don't know, weird a little
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It seems like it may be bugged, I did get the outfit but many of my friends did not. They did kill it last year (last event), but when they kill it this time they dont get the outfit or the shirt item. They do get the violent gem though when they kill the chest. So my guess its most likely bugged and we have to wait til next week til cipsoft to clarify it for us since its the weekend now.