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As i look back on the start of my tibia career the first thing that comes to mind was being a noob on Rookgaard oh the memories besides killing rats with a club the fondest of memories was the infamous MINO HELL QUEST and how this quest could bring together 5 - 10 noobs on a mission that would bring a whole new definition to the word 'exhilarating' as a group of noobs venture deep into the troll cave with nothing but there doublets on back and clubs in hand they make the journey down into the orcs, wolfs and than eventually Minotaurs the funny thing about the Mino hell quest is how it could go from 0-100 in a matter of seconds you go there as a group but ill tell you now the moment the Minotaurs came its a complete free for all about 5 noobs escaping the jaws of death and some that simply did not make it through the clutches of the minos but it was not in vain it was all for the mighty Carlin Sword and ill tell you now after completing that quest the thought of going in a Boy and coming out a Man brilliantly sums it up. Now that is why i believe the Minotaur Hell Quest is the Best!

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Arguably, yes, this Quest was extremely fun to do early on while discovering Tibia as low level Rooker, and most of players would face it, with routine packs for that mission being organized on Rook plaza everyday.

I have a few others that are valid mentions that would compete for that "Best Quest" title:

- Orc Fortress Quest: Crazy amount of mobs, specially if you went solo like me and had to figure out a strategy to not get surrounded and killed. Add that with the possibility that you can also talk to the Orc King, and well.... :]

- Desert Quest: Remember when PK was a thing reasonably profitable or even exciting on Open - PvP? The quest itself here can be pretty bland with the whole spoiler thing that we have nowadays, but what about the thrill of getting back to a town with your reward? I wish I could record what happened to me on my first Desert Quest, cos' although I got angry of losing everything forever, it was such a messy war, with a pk team going straight after us right when we exit the quest. We also probably had a betrayal during that action... We still have Youtube videos about that long gone past of carnage of levels 20, tough.

- Annihilator Quest: I never did (feels bad man), but what a classic Tibia quest! Knowing that you might have a Headshot instantly right when starting it, all in order to get the so famous rewards available is something worth to mention. Not really much RPG involved, but still a great and memorable quest right there. I can sense it as a bonafide example of Tibia's most harsh characteristic -> Unfair and punishable.