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What would you guys think about achievment outfits, like the Discovery outfit but with achievment points?

For example:

400 points = outfit

600 points = 1 addon

800 points = 2 addon

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I'm against it for two reasons.

1 - We are getting too many outfits to catch up. I think that CIP should focus on new and inovative way to change cosmetics rather than the usual outfit + mount.

2 - That's a too simple use for achievements. Achievements are the best mensure to tell if a character is getting everything from the game rather than the simple power level. You get achievements for completing quests, outfits, taming and many more. Maybe use it for the second promotion or class advance in the future would be more valuable.
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Well, I don't like much this idea. in my opinion these are two thing completely different. I like more the idea that Galdino gave, about a second promotion or something more usefull inside the game.
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I think we'd love to get something for 1k achievement points, but only in this one case.
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I think it would be nice to have a trophy or something when you reach 1k achievements, but they are very separated from the "ingame stuff" like outfits or quests, i think the achievements are more about a title
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Looks like a nice option for new outfits and I just hope its not a huge amount of achievements for a full outfit... It would be better if some specific achievements  gives you a new outfit...but use achieves as points sounds fun too (will be an outfit hard to obtain for sure)