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The test server was released today. For the ones that are able to test it whats is your opinion on the:

  • New itens. Are the stats good or bad. How about the rarity of them.
  • New monsters and hunting grounds. Are the monsters too strong? Is the experience and loot enough? At the hunting ground do is it possible split the place into teams, are there enough monsters?
  • New hunting system. Are the rewards of the new system good and desirable? Is the points too easy or too hard to get?
closed with the note: Too broad and valid short-term - attempt to ask questions that are more specific and that are valid long term.
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Lehula Dohon is correct here. Discussions are NOT encouraged on Q&A site. We want straight questions and correct answers. Moreover, this question quickly becomes outdated in its current form. What does "new" mean in 6 months? Referring to specific items/hunting grounds would help.
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Ok, never though that discussions are not encouraged here. That's a downside but its my opinion. However, if the site wants straight questions why are opinion based question even allowed? I guess TibiaQA Meta would be the place to discuss this matter.
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Correct, Meta TibiaQAwould be the best place to discuss this. At the beginning even the opinion-based questions weren't allowed. This shifted later on and we made rules more lenient towards accepting opinion-based question.