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Soon we can change beds, not that it is not very cool, but ... a new class would not bring new vigor to the game, the possibility of something completely new within what we know and love?
If I could create a new class, it would be like a fighter without weapons. Have you ever considered using the fist to kill a demon or perhaps the air movement of a blow to hit a fleeing opponent?
What do you think?

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I don't think that tibia has space for a new class for many reasons:

1 - There are many quests and systems made for 4 classes. Desert dungeon or pits of inferno fire, 4 hunt bonus and so on. How would the new class fit in it?

2 - There is no way this class can be unique. We already have masters of each element and mechanic available in the game. A new class would ether have a mixed abilities of other classes while not being able to surpass the original or will be stronger than the original master.

3 - CIP can't balance 4 classes while maintaining them original. A new class would only make things messier and more frustrating for players.

Now I do think that we need something new and challenging for the current classes. But this should be addressed with a second promotion. I feel the necessity of becoming different than other characters of the same class and focusing in something I would like. This can be having a skill tree that would allows you to have more hitpoints, receive less damage, heals more, deals more elemental or physical damage and so on...
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