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Hello everyone!!

Today I’m going to ask about the bosses from devovorga event what vocation is better for killing each one and what lvl is easier to kill them?

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During the Rise of Devovorgaevent you can kill only these bosses which are required for your lvl.

  • Level 20-40                  Anmothra located on Plains Of Havoc
  • Level 40-60     `   Irahsae located on Drefia
  • Level 40-80         Teneshpar located on Folda
  • Level 70+       Chikhaton located on Edron and    Phodromo located on Ghostland.

You can kill all of these bosses after the event when on your world is open Devovorga's Essence Mini World Change. To do that you have to Tentacle Pieces.  Teleport is opened on Vengoth. Entrance cost 1x Tentacle Piece. To fight a boss you need to talk with NPC Dread Guardian . Depends of the boss some amout of the pieces will be taken by NPC. You have 10 minutes to kill the boss inside. For every boss you got achievement

  • 2x  to kill   - achievement Slayer of Anmothra
  • 5x  to kill  - achievement Slayer of Irahsae
  • 8x  to kill - achievement Slayer of Teneshpar
  • 12x to kill   - achievement Slayer of Chikhaton
  • 16x to kill  - achievement Slayer of Phrodomo

In my opinion the best vocation to kill this bosses is MS/ED on lvl 100+. RP should have a little bigger level. 

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Ms lvl 100 + can a kill Phrodomo ?