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It is very likely that many of us have already suffered the frustration of dying from a disconnection, seeing how our character's life begins to diminish without us being able to heal or escape is one of the most frustrating situations in the game and for this reason Cipsoft implements some time ago 2 modalities:

- No penalty of experience and skills for that death(in case of death).

-The creatures can not attack you when you have a disconnection.

But it's worth asking, did these implementations correct this problem?
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Looks like this should be posted as an answer, not as a comment.
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that would be very greedy! As it is a forum and there are many people, maybe someone has a better idea than mine.

Putting my comment as "answer" would only validate my comment! The idea is to generate a debate to formulate a very good response!
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I don't see how it would be greedy. Answering your own question doesn't block others from doing the same. The content of your comment clearly attempts to answer a question, so it should be posted as such.
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uhm.. You're right, I'll edit my post

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I think we are many who think that YES!

This is because, in many occasions, it is very common as our pin starts to rise 500 ms, 1000 ms, 1500 ms, 2000 ms, etc.
And after this, we are in the temple and lost experience because of it.

Could it be better that the penalty system for death, work with our pin ?. 
In the case of having a pin higher than 800 - 1000, we should automatically have the reduction of the death penalty?

Also the disconnection by lag, should be modified!
with this the monsters besides not attacking us, could not harm us with their area attacks!

This is because currently almost 80% of the creatures in the game have massive area attacks and even though they will not attack us if we have disconnected by lag, their massive area attack will do so and we will die anyway. Therefore, if the disconnection system has the purpose of "protecting your character by disconnection", this should be implemented!